Photo Festival Ghent: ’80 Days of Summer – Roots and Roads’

Photo Festival Ghent: ’80 Days of Summer – Roots and Roads’

So proud Bound to the Ground is announced one of the ‘Best Dutch Book Designs of 2016’! Therefore Bound to the Ground is part of a travelling exhibition and now exhibit in China and Japan.


We are pleased to inform you Bound to the Ground is present at the ’80 days of Summer’ Photo Festival in Ghent this summer form 30 June to 17 September 2017 !

You are all invited to visit this great festival. Together with other amazing photographers, the story of Bound to the Ground will be shown in the St. Peters Abbey in Ghent.

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Bound to the Ground

Bound to the Ground


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Thank you for being interested in our book ‘Bound to the Ground’, a story of power, perseverance, hope and solidarity.

The exclusion zone of Chernobyl is inhabitable. Yet for 30 years now, some self-settlers or Samosely live their lives in the abandoned villages, and over 2.000 people are working in the Chernobyl Nucleair Power Plant (CNPP) every day!

Why do you want to live here? How strong is the attraction of the home ground, in spite of heavy contamination? How do you live in a community that ceases to exist? After all, when the last soul dies, the exclusion zone will be uninhabited forever. Why do you want to work in a heavily contaminated area that had taken so many lives? The answer often is ‘If I don’t do the job, who will make sure it never happens again?” 

Why did we made the book?

The people in this area deserve to get some attention. The inhabitants of the zone are old and soon they will be forgotten. If we don’t write their extraordinary stories now, they will take them into their graves. Also the residents in Slavutych, the protectors of Europe and perhaps of the whole world deserve some attention. (This seems excessive, but once you know what is left in the reactor, you know that it is of great importance it stays there). These people put their own health to risk on a daily basis! Alexandra, our hostess who has giving us a home for 4 days, was visibly moved when she heard our goal. “I thought the world had long forgotten us”. And that’s exactly why we made this photo book, so the world don’t forget…..

Good to know:

The book is designed and published by The Eriskay Connection and Coulor&Books made sure that the colour reproductions in books are perfect.


  • Photo Festival Ghent – 80 days of Summer-Roots and Roads (Gent); from 30 June to 17 September at the Sint Pieters Abdij
  • Athens Photo Festival (Athens); from 12 June to 30 July at the Benaki Museum
  • Kade 40 (Vlaardingen); 10-02-2017 till 25-02-2017
  • Het Nutshuis (The Hague); 22-10-2016 till 03-12-2016

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Artist talks:

  • Stukafest – Leiden
  • Kamera Kultura –  Het Nutshuis – Den Haag
  • BredaPhoto – Breda
  • De Haagse – Den Haag
  • NAFVA – Amsterdam
  • BNR Radio – NPO Radio 1
  • RTV West – Studio Haagse Bluf
  • NTR Academie – NPO Radio 5
  • Reyers Laat – Canvas TV (BE)

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Sneak preview of the book: